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We are a warehouse operating out of Georgia and needed a couple of pallet jacks to supplement what we already have. Comparing prices was simple and we had a delivery the next day. Highly recommended!

- Christine B.

We just opened a trucking company in Illinois and needed a few pallet jacks for loading. These guys not only got us the pallet jacks fast, but on budget. Thank you!

- Kara A.

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If you are looking for something smaller, more affordable, and easier to maneuver than a lift truck, then a pallet jack rental may be the answer you've been looking for. Pallet Jacks make it easy to stack, order, and carry pallets and other materials through narrow aisles and other places where larger machines cannot fit. There are two main types of jacks:

  • Electric Pallet Jacks - slightly larger than manual units, they make it easier to lift heavy pallets and haul things around factories and warehouses.
  • Manual Pallet Jacks - hand powered jacks are ideal for lifting small pallets, but they aren't a good option if you need to lift heavy materials.

Common Uses for Pallet Jacks

  • Loading Trucks
  • Organizing Warehouses
  • Transporting Pallets