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Guide For Aerial Lift Rentals

Aerial Lift TypeLift HeightDaily RatesWeekly RatesMonthly Rates
Boom Lifts 30' - 135' $175 - $1,350 $600 - $5,000 $1,600 - $14,000
Bucket Trucks 32' - 180' $200 - $3,000 $800 - $7,500 $2,000 - $15,000
Scissor Lifts 10' - 50' $100 - $350 $400 - $1,500 $1,200 - $3,500

Aerial lifts are used for tons of different projects from construction to warehousing. There are a bunch of different types of aerial lifts to choose from and some are designed specifically for use inside warehouses, while others are designed for film crews, or construction sites. When it comes to renting an aerial lift the main features to keep in mind are the reach, which is how high the platform can go, and capacity, which refers to the weight that a platform can lift. Aerial lifts that are made to only lift one person are often called man lifts, while most other lifts are referred to as platform lifts. Most lifts come with an engine and are self powered, but some lifts are trailer mounted so if you want to transport them you need a vehicle with a trailer hitch.

Common Uses for Aerial Lifts

  • Warehousing and organization.
  • Landscaping and trimming of large trees.
  • Installing and repairing signage.
  • Installing and repairing lighting fixtures in large buildings.
  • Installing and repairing telephone and electrical wires.
  • Filming sporting events.